What is love and kindness meditation? Metta Bhavana, or loving and kindness meditation, is one of the two simplest meditations you can get into. It helps develop positive feelings towards all things you can imagine. You will need understanding and some acceptance of what you are going to do.

Find a place where you will not be interrupted. A cushion, A blanket, A timer, a good track on a music player, or a watch or clock and something you like to watch that you think are beautiful.

The First Phase Of Felling Love And Kindness

Step 1

Find a position in which you can sit comfortably for meditation. You can kneel using a meditation bench, sit cross-legged on the floor, or sit upright on a chair. Use a cushion to support your back if necessary, and wrap yourself in a blanket if you’d like extra warmth.healing-meditation

Step 2

Decide how long each of the five phases of the meditation will be. Five minutes is a good length of time for beginners.

Step 3

Set the timer or select a track on your music player that corresponds to the length of time you have chosen for the first phase.


Step 4

To prepare yourself for the meditation, bring your awareness into the present. For a few seconds, focus your eyes on something pleasant, like a plant, a painting, or pretty vase, to ground yourself in the present.

Step 5

Close your eyes and scan your body to become fully aware of it. Begin with your toes and move slowly along your feet and up your legs, back, and pelvis, through your hands and arms, and finally up to your neck and head.

Step 6

Reflect on what you want to achieve from this meditation. Maybe you want to reconcile yourself with a particular person. Then commit yourself to practice conscientiously.

Step 7

Keeping your eyes gently closed throughout the practice, begin to cultivate the feeling of loving-kindness. There are many ways to do this. You might recall previous times when the feeling arose, repeat a phrase that expresses loving-kindness (like “may I, you, or they be happy”), or imagines someone else communicating loving-kindness to you.

Step 8

For the first phase of meditation, cultivate loving-kindness towards yourself. The way we feel about ourselves affects the way we treat others.

Step 9

Many people find it difficult to feel loving-kindness towards themselves. Try imagining someone who loves you expressing their love, and be completely open to this love, I know you can do it

The Second Phase Of Healing Meditation

Step 10

For the second phase, cultivate loving-kindness towards someone for whom you already have positive feelings—a social acquaintance, an admired colleague, a respected teacher, or a close friend. Reflect on that person’s good qualities, or visualize him or her radiating joy. Especially at first, it can be best to focus on someone who is just a friend, rather than a parent, child, or partner, because family relationships and sexual attraction can complicate your feelings.

The Third Phase

Step 11

For the third phase, cultivate loving-kindness towards a neutral person who triggers neither like nor dislike. This should be somebody you know or see regularly, for example, a neighbor you nod hello to but about whom you have no feelings one way or the other.

The Fourth Phase

Step 12

For the fourth phase, cultivate loving-kindness toward a hostile person, someone with whom you currently have difficulties. Many people find that when they practice Metta Bhavana for a hostile person, they find their relationship with that person improved.

The Fifth Phase To Master Love And Kindness Meditation

Step 13

For the fifth phase, cultivate loving-kindness toward yourself, your friend, and your enemy at the same time.


Step 14

Extend you’re loving kindness outward until it reaches all living things. To do this, think of people in different locations across the globe going about their lives in various ways.

The Final Step Of The Healing Meditation

Step 15

When you have completed the fifth phase, sit quietly for a few seconds and reflect on your experience of meditation.

Step 16

Return gently to your life in the outside world. Remember that loving-kindness is not only practiced in meditation but also in life.


This is a powerful and easy way to learn basic meditation, you will hopefully feel a lot of calm and loving feelings going through your body,

And of course, you will have gained a state that there are more loving and kindness in your thoughts.

Try to do this at least 3 times a week and you will grow as a person and be more open to other changes in your life.

I hope this basic step by step tutorial will help some of you getting started to a more relaxed life.

Best to you all





  1. Andreas – I love how you laid this out so simply. Makes it so easy for anybody to use! Im a total beginner in meditation and stuff like this so I really appreciate that its user friendly. I’ll have to give this one a try soon, sounds like it has some great benefits!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  2. Hello Andreas, I stumbled upon your website and this meditation technique and find your description very useful. Do you have some recordings with guided meditations as well?

  3. Very interesting read through. I can see how this could develop into changing existing feelings toward someone if it is done regularly. There are a lot of steps…I think I will need a cheat sheet when I try this on my own. Maybe that would be a good printable?? Thank you for explaining and sharing this process.

  4. I’ve been into meditation recently as a way to calm my mind, but I had no idea there were different kinds. Are there other kinds as well?

  5. What a beautiful post! I love meditation and law of attraction and I kind of feel like this is a combination of the two, learning how to gently change your energy. I’ve tried to dip into this idea of loving kindness but didn’t really know where to start so I think I might try this at some point. It’s very hard to cultivate feeling of loving kindness towards someone you’ve had difficulties with, but the way you explained how to work up to that is really helpful. 3 times a week is also very doable. I think sometimes where I fall off the bandwagon with things is that I try to do them every day, and as I have a lot of things I have to get done every day I end up slipping. It’s nice to know 3 times a week is still enough to make improvements.

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