Socrates and know thyself. Throughout my life I have not always felt lucky, I had the same job for almost 20 years and even if I liked my friends and some things I did. Most of the time It was like I did not achieve what I was supposed to achieve in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, some people are just made for being employees and that is cool, not everyone can be or have the guts to be their own leader in the business that is you.

But some of us are not just happy to be employees or they hate their jobs.

Think about this: Do you hate your job? if so maybe this post is for you as I will define the meaning of maybe the greatest quote ever: Socrates and know thyself.

Know thyself

I have often taught about what is knowing thyself and what is it that people do wrong? and do I know myself?

I often think that people are like a pyramid upside down with a very small and unsteady foundation and this might be so because the foundation we humans are in the words Socrates said, the foundation of the being is to know thyself

this is the foundation that determines so many parts of your life, what music you tend to like, what school you will attend, what people you will have around you, what career you finally want to have and even what kind of person you will marry.

Know thyself is maybe the two most important words the English language might have? OK, I am from Sweden so in my case, it is: känn dig själv(we maybe should have a language course?) three words, but back to Socrates and know thyself.

But I Know Myself?

Do you really? “Know thyself” is a piece of powerful advice because if you don’t know deep inside who you are, you can’t get anything else right about yourself.

You may fail in many situations in life, like work, where to live, what friends are good for you or even end up marrying the wrong person.

If you hate your job, you will probably hate the next job too and if you end up starting a business you will probably end up hating that too if you don’t know who you are.

“How can I know myself, my strength and my passion?”

The best way to answer this question is by telling you the story of how I discovered

who I am or somethings that made me believe I “Know Thyself”.

I was always somewhat of a troubled soul and was afraid of this “new age” teachings out there but I started to think and ask myself why I was different from everyone else? and what can I do that most people find hard?

These were no easy questions to find answers to but as I am a person who likes to spend time alone then I also had time to reflect and understand these questions.

I discovered that I love to make music and be creative, I also discovered that I love to write down my feelings and my thoughts.

The negative things I also reflected on was that I was sometimes rude and authoritarian in my ways with other people.

I also had this problem with having all my feelings inside of me and a feel of disconnection with normal people and sometimes was afraid to say no and go for the way I wanted to go.

I also love to create things, especially things that come from my beliefs and thoughts.

This first part of knowing thyself gave me some answers but did I know myself?. I had to continue reading and when I got a better knowledge about the different perspectives of things It became more and more obvious where I could belong.

A Clearer Picture

I was feeling that I was progressing and the more I was reading the more I understand who I was and what was me.

after reading and reading a lot I stumbled upon a book that changed so much, this book was just talking to me and became my spark about understanding who I am, I will not tell you which book this is because it can be a completely different book for who you are, but it feels when you stumble upon something that is your “know thyself” book.

This book did miracles for me.

  • It helps me to be more aware of who I am
  • Also, it helped me to understand and feel other people
  • I started to spend more time with myself to just meditate and think about all kind of stuff


Socrates and know thyself are clear to me and I simply know who I am. Ever since my life has become a better place to be in, I can make hard decisions on my paths through life and I can quit the job I hate.

I can take those things simply because I know what I should do and what I should not do. I know the kind of things that can make me happy and those that will make my life miserable and I can easily choose them.

Now if you hate your job or want to go on a different path in life, the first to do is to think of “Know Thyself” because until people have a profound understanding of who they are and how they are different from everyone, they can’t know why they are not happy.

Feel free to comment below and I hope you have enjoyed this post, I am here if you should have any questions

Your Friend





  1. Hi, Andreas,

    Excellent post! I can totally relate. I think it’s very important to know who we are, although it’s not easy by any means. I have been trying ever since I can remember. I’ve had several jobs and I’ve hated them all. I have different passions, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to live off of them. I think it’s easier to just get whatever job you can get instead of following your call. And that is a big mistake.
    Meanwhile, I will continue searching. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, Enrique,

      thanks for the comment, we all try and find what we are looking for but we just have to keep searching.. but finding yourself and after some training, you can go to your boss and just show that job up his as 🙂

  2. Dear Andreas.
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to make towards love and happiness. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you Andrey, I will try to find the small or big things that can approve in life.
      I think we have the same mindset and that is important in this day and age.

      your friend

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