Do you meditate properly?

What is it concerning something as straightforward as sitting still and also seeing our breath that stimulates panic, worry, as well as hostility? Regardless of the number of reports there are proving the mental, psychological, and also physical value of being quiet, there seems to be an also greater number who refuse to offer it a shot.

Meditation can certainly be tough, and much more so if we are uncertain as to why we are doing it. It can seem very weird to rest there just paying attention to the perpetual chatter in our head, and also we easily get tired if we do nothing for too long, also if it’s just 10 mins.

After years of hearing a number of reasons individuals find it difficult to meditate, I have actually summed it to simply a few.

Most Popular Excuses For Not Meditating:

1. I’m as well active, I don’t have the time. Which can definitely be true if you have young kids and also a full-time job, as well as all that these require? Nonetheless, we are only discussing maybe 10 mins a day. The majority of us spend more time than reading the paper or idly surfing the web. It only resembles we do not have the moment since we normally fill every minute with tasks and never ever push the off button.

2. I find it truly uncomfortable to sit still for soo long. If you are trying to sit cross-legged on the floor then, yes, it will certainly feel unpleasant. However, you can sit upright in a comfy chair instead. Or, you can do walking meditation, or yoga, or tai chi. Moving meditation can be just as valuable as sitting.

3. My mind won’t quit assuming: I can not unwind. I can’t meditate. I simply can’t! My mind will certainly not obtain silent; it flies everywhere! My thoughts are driving me mad! I’m trying to avoid myself, not look inside. Sounds like you??

Surprisingly, trying to stop your mind from thinking resembles trying to quit the wind, it’s impossible

This experience of the mind being so busy is extremely typical. A person can in any one thirty-minute session of meditation have up of three hundred different thoughts. Years of an active mind, years of creating as well as preserving history, years of tensions as well as complication and self-centeredness, as well as the mind has no suggestion exactly how to be still. Rather, it yearns for enjoyment. It’s not as if you can suddenly turn it off when you meditate, it just implies you are like everybody else.

4. There are a lot of distractions, and it is loud. Gone are the days when we might go away right into a cave as well as be left uninterrupted up until we arose time later fully enlightened. Rather, we all need to take care of the noises as well as impositions of the globe around us. But we need not let it enforce. Cars going by your window? Fine. Let them pass, yet just don’t care for them. The quiet you are seeking is within, not outside. The experience of stillness is cumulative: The more you rest, then slowly, gradually, the mind ends up being quieter, much more joyous, in spite of whatever distraction there might be.

5. I do not see the advantage. Sadly, this is where you have to take my word for it. Some people get just how valuable meditation is just after one session, however for the majority of us it takes more time, you might observe a distinction after a week, or perhaps two of day-to-day practice. This implies you have to rely on the process sufficient to hang in there as well as keep going, even before you obtain the benefits.

Remember, songs need to be played for hours to get the notes right, while in Japan it can take 12 years to discover just how to prepare flowers. Being still happens momentarily, but it may spend some time before that minute comes– hence the need for persistence.

6. I’m no good at this; I never ever get it right. Actually, it’s difficult to fail at meditation. Even if you rest for 20 minutes believing non-stop worthless thoughts, that’s fine. There is no right or wrong, and there’s no unique technique. There are as numerous forms of meditation as there are individuals who practice it. So all you require to do is discover the way that works for you and stick to it.

The important factor is that you make meditation your friend. It’ll be of no aid at all if you feel you need to meditate.

Meditation is a companion to have throughout life, like an old pal you look to when looking for support, ideas, and clearness. It is to be taken pleasure in!

7. It’s all simply weird New Age hype. It’s certainly very easy to obtain shed in the array of New Age assures of eternal joy however meditation itself is as old as history itself. More than 2,500 years ago the Buddha was a committed meditator who tried and evaluated countless various methods of allowing the mind to be silent. Which’s simply one example. Each religious belief has its own variation on meditation, as well as all stretch back over the centuries. So nothing brand-new right here, and nothing unusual.


Simply put, meditation is not about forcing the mind to be absolutely still. Instead, it’s a letting go of resistance, of whatever might emerge: question, worry, uncertainty and also feeling poor, the endless dramatization, worry as well as need. Every time you find your mind is drifting, fantasizing, remembering the past or preparations ahead, just return to the current, return to this moment. All you require to do is listen and be with what is. Nothing else.

Do you meditate properly?

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  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. the explicit explanation that you have given about meditation is so awesome. i read the whole page again and i was really enlightened. thank you for this great post. i would love to share

  2. Yes!!  You are definitely on the right track with this!  I love the way you organized and explained the excuses given for not giving a few minutes each day just being quiet.  I equate this with letting go and letting God.  It is vital to overall mental and physical health to just take some time off and be still!  A lot of issues can be solved when we give ourselves permission to just shut down like this.  Your site is very well written, free of spelling and grammar issues which is very much appreciated. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks, Sue Anne, I am from Sweden so I really work on the spelling and grammar issues… I kind of find this very hard but I want it to be fine for you all

  3. Hi Andreas,

    I agree with you that all religions have some form of meditation. Being a Catholic I used to practice a fantastic form of meditation which is the Rosary and Sacred Adoration. 

    Unfortunately, I always struggled with my mind never shutting down. Thoughts and memories just popping up making me feel scattered.

    The section of your article when you spoke about the mind inability to shut down due to its nature put me at ease, I will go back to meditation soon.



  4. Thanks for sharing amazing piece of content. I admit, I find myself slacking off sometimes and using excuses to justify my actions or the lack of them. I practice meditation for three years now. It’s one of the best skills I’ve ever learned. Thanks again for sharing. I enjoyed your content as always.

  5. You got me at number 3! My mind won’t shut up for anything. I tried MBSR for a while, but I would just get agitated at the incessant stream of thoughts and fantasies and discomforts and worries. Ugh. That has been my true excuse. You absolutely nailed it! Of course, number 3 leads right to number 6. Now that I’ve read your article I’m going to try it at least once more. I’ll remember that thoughts are okay. Just let them flow by. Thank you for letting me know I’m not a rare case!

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