Meditation For Depression And Anxiety

There are so many people that walk in this world today who have to face the effects of anxiety every day. For far too many, too much stress and worry can become overwhelming. When this happens, they can begin to feel emotional, physical and behavioral challenges and changes. It is important to know that you are not alone in what you are experiencing and that there are ways to change that feeling to get a better self. I myself have been there for so many times and still to this day I have these feelings inside of me but I have the tools to keep the hidden tiger away.

Anxiety has many symptoms and you may experience more than one at the same time. Some of these symptoms include headache, physical and mental fatigue, nausea, difficulty sleeping, dizziness or just having a hard time relaxing and feeling comfortable in your own body. In the case of much more severe cases, these symptoms may not even come close to describing how you are feeling on board. Feeling out of control and wondering what’s wrong can be devastating.meditation-for-anxiety-and-depression

No matter where your anxiety comes from, the good news is that you can make some changes to ease the symptoms, and fight the anxiety, to be able to do all the things you know just don’t want to handle.

This will not be the first article about meditation for depression and anxiety and even if meditation is a great factor in handling these symptoms I will just go through the parts that I did when getting over the worst feeling I have ever had in my life.

Focusing Your Mindset And Try Meditation For Anxiety

One of the most important factors in reducing anxiety is focusing your mindset. Your mind is more powerful than any other part of the body. When you experience panic, your brain is overloaded and your symptoms increase and take over the body. Here are some tips you can use to fight anxiety and its attacks

Relax Your Mind

We do not mean that you should watch TV or play games on your phone, although both things are fun, they are not relaxing to the mind, they distract it. To relax in the mind, you should take some time for yourself and use relaxation techniques. Ten to twenty minutes each day of breathing, visualization, yoga or any other meditation technique can help you win your battle against anxiety. This takes time, so don’t give up so easily.meditation-for depression-and-anxiety

It is like every other thing, learn and you will be better at it, and after some time you will no longer have trouble relaxing or meditating when these feelings arise from within.

Look The Anxiety Straight In The Eyes

It will help if you know what has given you these feelings. These feelings are your body’s natural escape instinct or physical resistance due to a perceived threat. Understanding what triggered these feelings can help you to move forward and away from it.

I know by experience that this is a very hard part and If you are so stuck in the fears that you feel that you are not able to do what you like, do not be afraid to go to a doctor and tell them what you feel and that you are being restrained I life living with this.

Trust Yourself

Although this sounds like a simple tip, you will be surprised by how many people have problems with it. You need to know that you are capable and have the tools needed, within you, to feel better again. You can remind yourself of your talents every day. If you do not believe in yourself, your mind will eventually become true, and you will lose the fight against anxiety.

Imagine your life as you want it to be! You can have that life if you just get the demon of anxiety or and depression out of your body


If you feel that these problems are a big problem for you please be free to comment on this site and promise me that you do not give up on the training of being able to relax and trust yourself.

There are hurdles in life but the hurdles can not be stone walls, take action and your life should be so much better.

here is the one thing I myself started with:

Panic Away

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Meditation For Depression And Anxiety





  1. Dear Andreas.
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to take towards peace of mind and happiness. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

  2. I have a tendency not to recognize when I’m starting to feel stress, which leads to a serious panic attack. Only in hindsight do I recognize the signs and what I could have done to prevent it. I have recently though begun to work on recognize my negative thoughts and questioning them.
    I’m learning to meditate, which is both calming and energizing for me.

  3. Andreas thank you for sharing an amazing article on depression and anxiety.

    Anxiety and depression is something I believe far too many people suffer from and a lot of people don’t know how to deal with it. Your tips will be very helpful for them.

    I turn to meditation when I start to feel anxiety, in fact, since i started to meditate daily and focus on what I want these feelings don’t seem to be with me anymore.

    I have sent your link to some friends who I know will find this article helpful… keep up the good work!

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