Kundalini yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that includes body postures, movement patterns, hand positions, breathing techniques, focusing techniques, mantras (sound/vibration) and various types of meditations. This Is the Kundalini yoga definition.

Kundalini yoga is a unified and holistic system that provides energy, self-awareness, and health, both physically, mentally and emotionally. It helps to create a balance between tension and relaxation and is suitable for all ages and physical conditions.kundalini-yoga-definition

Kundalini yoga is thousands of years old and came to the western world in the late 1960s when Yogi Bhajan decided to teach the hitherto secret techniques.

Practicing Kundalini Yoga

We live in a time of rapid, large and intense change. It is becoming increasingly important for us to find ways to develop physical, mental and emotional flexibility. The ancient yoga tradition is phenomenal for this.

Kundalini yoga is an excellent tool as well-being for today’s man, because it works holistically, with good and predictable results even in a short time. Kundalini yoga has been used with great success therapeutically to a variety of disorders and conditions, such as stress, high blood pressure, back problems, migraines, fatigue syndrome, eating disorders, addictions and various cognitive problems.kundalini-yoga-definition Many of the effects of Kundalini yoga’s rich treasure of yoga passes and meditations are scientifically documented, but it is only those who practice yoga that can determine what these techniques through their own regular practice can provide in terms of well-being, transformation, balance, and increased awareness. It is your own experiences of yoga that will guide you forward, with your yoga teacher as a guide along the way.

You choose what you want to get out of your yoga practice: a comprehensive physical exercise for the whole body, thorough and effective stress management, maintaining or regaining your health. Yoga is an excellent tool for all this. Traditionally, however, yoga was a way of understanding the true nature of reality.

The old masters realized that in order for us as humans to be completely happy, we need to gain a deeper self-understanding. This means that in yoga there are techniques for those who want to get in touch with themselves beyond masks and patterns. Step by step through regular yoga practice, there is the opportunity to raise your awareness and approach who you really are. At the same time, it becomes a way to find your full potential as a human being. Yoga can thus be practiced to create health and balance in body, mind, and soul, as well as to develop the full potential of each individual. The word yoga means “linking together” and refers to the yoga practitioner’s ability to develop his or her personal consciousness so that it can be linked together at other levels of consciousness.






  1. Yoga exercises directly affect your spine. This significance is paramount for health and reaching an enlightened state. The main two reasons for this are a spine is a conductor of life energies and a spine is the place which connects us to the Universe like an aerial for a TV – TV is useless if the aerial is wrongly positioned. The right Yoga practice will lead to flexibility of your spine and you will already start to feel it after your first few yoga sessions.

    1. Yes, you are right and from my practices, I have found that Kundalini is the most effective way and has the most powerful tool ow awakening the powers of the serpent(the spine) within us.

    2. Yoga is a way to understand the true nature of reality, love those words. Kundalini yoga is a very ancient as well as a powerful tool for connecting with our spiritual aspect of living, when a person focuses on that all of the areas of thier life flourishes.

  2. I must say that I never was informed that yoga could do so much good for your body and mind. I might have to look into more information about this and start trying it. Have been looking into starting to loose some weight and this might help to keep my mind into doing it and making sure I take the time to start.
    Thank you for the great post.

  3. Yoga looks like it could be beneficial for my back and stress level. But do I have to go to one of those yoga centers and pay money to do it or is this something that can be done at home? Or is it more beneficial if done in a group setting?

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