How To Sleep Well In The Night – Sleep Techniques

After I have had the article about weight blankets: Weight Blankets For Adults And Children, I was thinking about doing something about how to sleep well and offer some sleep techniques along the way

I hope you will have some help from these words and that you will have a better life along the way


Getting excellent sleep is maybe the single most important factor in establishing our health. It is the time when our bodies run vital maintenance cycles and our minds process the events of the day and sort out which info is important as well as requires to be archived as memory and also which information is nothing you need and can be neglected. Both the period of rest and high quality of sleep are necessary aspects to stay clear of insufficient sleep.How to sleep well

While sleep can seem like something that is past our control, there are a variety of steps we can take throughout our waking hours that can assist you in sleeping success.


It is no surprise that our technologies are a substantial impact on our sleep patterns and cycles. While returning in time and avoiding all of the modern techs could appear appealing, there are some simple practices we can utilize to lessen the interruption our modern tools can trigger.


It appears impossible to avoid screens now that every little thing from our phones to fridges have shiny as well as brilliant display screens. Direct exposure to screens can affect our circadian rhythm (Our body clock is the all-natural, internal clock that controls our waking as well as sleeping cycles. and also repeats roughly every 24-hour) by exposing us to light, particularly blue light, which our bodies manifest as the light from the sun.How to sleep well Our bodies assume: “If the sun is still up, there is no time for resting!” This light stimulus subdues the body’s all-natural manufacturing of serotonin, which is just one of the biochemicals that informs us it’s time to rest. Restricting light exposure after dusk allows our bodies to switch right into a nighttime routine that sets us up for a good night’s sleep.


Dark Mode on Web Browsers 

Try allowing dark mode on all your devices. Just by changing a white for a black background with a white message, you limit the quantity of light being thrown from your display screen. A lot of OS have this kind of setting and also a number of attachments or extensions are available for internet browsers. It is still a high contrast style, so readability isn’t compromised!

Blue Light Blocker

In some cases, you simply have to make use of a display after the sun decreases … in which instance, attempt minimizing the brightness of your display and use a blue light blocker. These applications electronically filter your display, removing the blue light frequencies from the display. This minimizes the effect of the stimulation triggered by the light. It does substantially change the shade balance of your display, so this is not recommended for any individual who is doing color-sensitive work.


Chirpy, buzzy flashing devices are a certain method to disrupt your sleep. Set up a “Do Not Interrupt” routine on your device to ensure your night hrs are undisturbed. And also for those of you that are regular “phone checkers,” attempt leaving your phone in a different area. Creating a little space from your tool is a beneficial strategy. As they say, “concealed, out of mind.”



There are a couple of techniques in details that are absolute game changers when it involves your improving rest.

Coffee, one of the most typical ways to deal with sensations of tiredness throughout the day is to perk ourselves up with high levels of caffeine, sugar or various other stimulants.How to sleep well While this aids us in the short-term, the residual effects of energizers can disturb our sleep cycle and also compound the issue. Eliminating using stimulants can assist resting your body, but does feature a few days of feeling additional slow-moving. If eliminating energizers entirely is not an option, attempt limiting your use of stimulants to the first couple of hours after waking up.

Normal Exercise
Workout induces a variety of hormone as well as chemical feedbacks that reduce stress and anxiety and tension, two elements that can negatively influence our capacity to go to sleep. And also, when you’re tired from a good exercise, those soft cushions and blankets are irresistibly comfortable!



Setting up your bedroom appropriately can make a positive impact on your quality of rest.

Amazing Space
We understand that our circadian rhythm responds to light levels, however, the temperature or the air also is a vital indicator of our bodies. Outdoors, as soon as the sun goes down the ambient air temperature starts to go down. This air conditioning signals to our bodies that it is time to sleep. With thermostats, heating systems, the temperature inside our homes doesn’t react to the setup of the sunlight in the same way. Attempt decreasing the temperature level inside your room by a few levels to prompt your sleep reaction.

Blackout Curtains
Streetlights, protection lights, as well as headlights from passing traffic, can increase the ambient light level in your bedroom to degrees where your body is not sure that it is time to rest. Blackout curtains will maintain outdoors light from troubling your sleep. They also function well to assist you to remain asleep in the mornings once the light of dawn gets brighter. If you typically count on daylight to wake you up, make certain to use an alarm system when you begin using blackout curtains.How to sleep well

White Noise Machine
A peaceful atmosphere is optimal for sleep. Nevertheless, soundproofing your home can be difficult as well as expensive. Depending upon where you live, traffic sounds, alarms as well as emergency alarms can be noise concerns that you can not manage or minimize. A white noise device increases the ambient sound level of your bedroom to make sure that outdoors noises don’t “peak” as high as well as disrupt your sleep cycle. Any kind of constant ambient sound will function for this. Sea waves, running water, crickets, melting wood and ambient songs are all excellent choices. Try a couple of different sounds and also see what noisescape that functions best for you.


If you are interested in one of those machines, you can click here to get the best ones from amazonWhite Noise Machine





So now that you have actually taken all these actions to optimize your rest, you, in fact, need to go to sleep. The only advice delegated provide is; “Go to sleep when you’re ready!” Sometimes you will prepare to sleep prior to bedtime. In some cases, you will certainly stay up later than you would. Sleep comes when the body prepares and also combating it is most likely to do even more damage than good.

If there are any kind of referrals you have for getting a good night’s sleep that I have forgotten in the article above, please leave them in the comments below.

How To Sleep Well In The Night – Sleep Techniques

Sleep Well




  1. Hi!

    Thanks for such a great article to help us improve our sleep, which is so important for our health.
    My housemate used to sleep with the lights on and I just couldn’t believe how he managed to sleep at all.
    Coffee doesn’t seem to affect much of my sleep, but I never drink too late! I am shocked when I see people drinking coffee at 8 pm on Starbucks.

  2. Greetings Andreas,
    Your ideas helped me remember some of what I had previously heard about how to sleep well. I had not heard of a white noise machine, that “sounds” awesome! So, another technique I have learned from a spiritual mentor is using the last moments of being awake to practice awareness of my imagination. Starting from the moment I lay down into bed, I play my day backwards to when I first awoke. This is a great way to observe who I have been, what I would like to revise about my day, and see going forward who I am. I often fall asleep before I get half way through my day, so I need to keep practicing to have more control over my imaginative thoughts.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article .I’m a very sleepy man .But my sleep has not been good for a few days so I was looking for a solution to this problem .That’s when your article caught my eye and great article .Frankly I’ve never heard of a white acoustic instrument that is completely new to me .I have learned techniques from a mentor that I hope will be helpful to me and through your article .I should think about where I started my first day, from the moment I went to bed. But before I go about half way, I fall asleep so I will continue to exercise my control over my thoughts and feel that I need to continue.I hope to get more articles in the future .

  4. Hello Andreas!

    You are very right, getting a good and timely sleep is very important to our daily lives, as well as the way we eat&drink;, and other important aspects. Being tightly connected to tech gadgets and online news – not necessarily from TV – is also affecting our capacity to sit still and take rest. Also, the indoor temperature matters – it has to fit in the right range for our bodies, not too hot, not too cold. Having a thermostat is an advantage I benefit from too. So let’s have good sleep times!

    Best regards, Peter

    1. Thanks for the comment, We need to try to take care of us, the spirit is connected to the wellbeing and sleep is one of the easiest ways to feel better in everyday life

  5. There’s no telling the numerous benefits associated with enjoying a good sleep. You make some really eye catching and compelling point as to how much technology can interfere with our sleep and as you mentioned, cutting out the use of our most favorite toys can help a great deal. We can further benefit more by also disabling our notifications. I think these are practical steps that can actually help improve sleep.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Andreas. Thank you for your sharing! I would like to share other ways that can help too here. Sleep affected can be due to our active mind. So a person should learn how to relax himself or herself before bed time by doing something to their body and mind like to have a warm bath shower, listening to slow and relaxing music, burn some essential oil disffuser, do some simple relaxing yoga stretch or breathing technique or meditation will help too…:-)

    1. Thanks, Janet you are right about all the stuff you mention… I could have made the article soooo long if a should deep down in the meditation side of things 😉

  7. Since I work a lot online in front of a computer, I find your suggestion of enabling dark setting of my computer screen helpful. Right now, I’m figuring out how do I adjust the resolution of my 17 inches HP LCD so that my eyes would start feeling sleepy when the hours of rest come. 

    I’d like to ask, how about the brightly lit light bulb I have in my room? Should I also change or replace it with a lesser bright bulb?

    1. Thanks for the comment Gomer, The lightbulb in your room should be as bright that you can read a book without a problem…  you have to feel for yourself

      Thanks again

  8. Sleep is very important to our health and general well being. I find this article very helpful and educating considering the awesome tips you have shared regarding how we can sleep well. I am always starring on my device every now and then (it’s kinda like my best friend). The blue lights from the screen I heard it’s dangerous and again you mentioned that in this post and how to reduce or eliminate the blue lights. There’s an “eye care’ button that I click to help me block blue lights.

    Thanks for the many other tips.


    1. Thanks for the comment, just try for a week and read a book before you go to sleep instead of your device… I promise you that you will be amazed how much much better your sleep will get 🙂

      Thanks for your support and kind words 🙂

  9. What an eye opening article you have here, Andreas. I am reading this with the perspective of an ultramarathoner, one of the most difficult task for any runner especially on the eve of the race is to get adequate sleep. There are few factors which contributes to this, most of them you have raised but I just want to touch on two and perhaps get your comments.

    1. Stimulants
    I totally agree with you on this except for coffee, personally I am one of those people who will drink a mug of coffee at midnight and go straight to have a beautiful sleep. As runners we consume a lot of adraineline inducing food on the eve of the race and during the race. I always struggle to sleep a night before but it gets worse after the race because one would have consumed so much sweet stuff during the day such that no sleep is coming up any easy.

    My question is how can a runner like me improve his sleeping game especially a night before the race considering taking energisers is crucial in preparation for the race the following day

    2. Black light curtains
    I understand your views here and I agree with you totally, it is easier to have adequate ambiance when one is at home, what i find to be a challenge is that in the hotels most of them have bright rooms, can be located in busy streets. I do find value in your comments in this regard because I think I would do better in choosing a lodging place for my races.

    Once again thank you so much for a wonderful article

    1. Hi, this is the best comment I have ever gotten on here and I will try to comment on your comments in a way that I see you as a marathon runner 🙂

      1 stimulants
      You are lucky in this aspect but I think in general that caffeine is bad for the overall health but who can resist a good cup of coffee? If you have no problem with this I can just say you are one lucky person 🙂
      I think that after a race there has been a lot of tension in the body besides all the stuff you go through during the day, so I think there is a common problem to relax after a race or other things that make the adrenaline go up. I would suggest meditation or some relaxing music.
      The night before you can try to go through the race in your head and go through it with the best possible outcome… this can make your brain more relaxed.

      2 black light curtains
      Yes, here I should try to get a sweet place far from the city and the night sounds, or maybe try white noise?

      All the best on your journey

  10. One of the problems I have in getting to sleep is blocked sinuses. This generally only happens when I’m in a horizontal position and if I fall asleep in a sitting position, i can breath fine. Any suggestions on how to deal with this problem?

    One of my neighbours across the road recently installed a security light on the front of their house. We have a lot of urban fixes in the area and they seem to trigger the light, far too frequently.

    It’s like a searchlight pointed at my and my next-door neighbour’s houses. It still manages to brighten a dark bedroom though venetian blinds and curtains. Thanks for the pointer on blackout blinds. Aside from having a word with the neighbour about the angle of his security light, a blackout blind would be great for the Summer months when the nights are short and darkness is needed for good sleep.

    1. Thanks for the comment.
      If this is a problem for you then I suggest you try a wet blanket on your forehead, or maybe antihistamines?
      Do not be afraid of the doctor and tell them this is a real problem for you and then they should help you.
      And one big thing is to drink a lot of water

      Hope this will help you and thanks for the comment, it gives me some for an upcoming article

  11. Once again a pocket full of great advice! Thanks for sharing your tips. I remember listening to Jim Quick talking about this. One of the advice was to avoid screens for at least one hour before bed. I tried it and the results were astounding! Can’t wait to try some of your tips too.

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