Welcome to my DivineTeaching website. Spirituality and life-changing thoughts and feelings have been a big passion for me ever since I was a kid, and over the years I have purchased a lot of material like books and courses to find out more about the capacity of our thoughts and to level up my own mindset.

Being a kid without internet in a distant part of the world in the seventies and eighties was not the easiest thing considering finding the content I was looking for and what was the good content?

Now I want to help people to find what they are looking for and help them in their journey to find the best books, courses and maybe give back some of my knowledge inside these topics.

What is real and what is not real?

A Little Story About My Interest In The Spirituality

As a kid I was a lonely child and never did really fit in with the others, my mind was wandering its own paths and as I grow older there was more and more clear for me that I wanted to find those things that I felt was there but I could not grasp with the normal everyday life.

I started to go to the library and found books that I started to read but I really did not understand what I was reading!

I started to understand why I was so interested in religion and the spirituality within all these books I was reading. I began taking my new knowledge into the occult and found a lot of interesting books regarding this topic as well.

Here was I and did not understand why this occult and spiritual systems were not more known by people, because I thought I found a lot of truth inside these books and my thinking was being more and more clear in all day to day topics.

Today I understand that a lot of secret teachings are not easy to comprehend but years and years of studying these topics have made my life so much more interesting.


The Changing Of Learning

In this day and age with the internet all the secret teachings are out there, you just have to know where to find it.

We also have those false teachers and sites about these secret teachings who are not good and can do more harm than good. So this site should be here to help you on your journey in a landscape so crowded with trees that you do not see the forest and I hope that I can be to some help on a lot of these mind-blowing eyeopeners

Everyone is their own vessel to happiness


Practice and practice again

the purpose for me is to lead you in the directions YOU want to go and to find YOUR inner purpose and I can not say what is right and what is wrong.

I can maybe lead you in a direction where you can take action in what either path you chose.

I am no teacher but I like to give you the tools to teach yourself and find the things you manifest or striving for.

this is a powerful path and I will try to do my best to deliver the greatest tools out there.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of divineteaching.com

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